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About Me

Hi my name is Robert, Rob for short. I was born and bred in Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands), lived there for 20 years and left in 1969 to travel around Europe. I now live and work in the Netherlands.

Rob's Jersey Page

Rob's Page: here you can find a short story about my life and an introduction to my family.

Below a photo taken in Amsterdam, 1975

Birds in Amsterdam

My hobbies are bird watching, collecting mint stamps & unc. banknotes depicting birds, traveling to new places (especially where rich in avifauna) and messing around with computers.

Jersey Banknotes

Jersey banknotes: is a webpage that depicts nearly all of the banknotes that are currently in circulation or have been in circulation on the island, dating back to 1840


Favorite Stuff:
Bird watching.
Collecting stamps depicting birds.
Collecting banknotes depicting birds.
Traveling to places rich in avifauna


I'd like to go birdwatching in Florida with a local birdwatcher.

Favorite TV Shows: British comedy
Favorite Movies: SF
Favorite Music: From the 1960's
Favorite Book: Dune
Favorite Food: Seafood & Oriental Food
People I Most Admire: Ghandi, Peter Scott & Bill Oddie

Favorite Quote: When the last bird has flown it will be the end of the human race. (Quote from the North American Indian's)

Here an MP3 of one of my favorite songs, In My Life - The Beatles (Rubber Soul Album)


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