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Book Reviews

Field guids to the birds of ......

The New  Guid To The Birds Of New Zealand

If you want to know more about the birds of New Zealand, I recommend The New Guid To The Birds Of New Zealand.
Collins: ISBN 0 00 216928 2


Herons a must for wetland bird watchers.
CroomHelm ISBN 0-7099-3716-4


Bird watchers who love to go birding in wetlands or along the coast, this book is what you need to help you with your quest.
ISBN 0-7099-2034-2

Birds Of Britain & Europe

This is the field guid that i use on my travels in Europe. It is a very handy book in pocket format & has helped me determine many species of bird in my first encounter with the species.
Collins ISBN 0-00-219210-1


If you are like me & you like walking along the beach, hier is a book you can't do without.
ChroomHelm ISBN 0-7099-3787-3


Wildfowl a book with excelent paintings of Swans, Geese & Ducks of the world.
Helm ISBN 0-7470-2201-1